Restarting Phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer

Last week I restarted Phase 2 of the LiveFit Trainer.

I had been doing really good…for the most part. I had only missed a couple workouts, was feeling really strong, and seeing body composition changes (though no weight changes). Then I reached Phase 3.

Oh boy.

I was not prepared for Phase 3. You might be asking why I wasn’t prepared if I had been doing most of the workouts and feeling strong? It’s because I’m pretty sure I only did two days of cardio the entire 4 weeks of phase 2. Big mistake.

I figured I could get away with skipping the boring, monotonous, terribleness that is 30 mins on a bike or elliptical or treadmill, and then just do the HIIT cardio in phase 3. Take it from me. DON’T SKIP IT.

I had (incorrectly) presumed that the 30 mins of cardio was to help you get ready for the HIIT. It’s not. It’s to help you get through the insane workouts in phase 3. You need that stamina in order to complete the large amount of reps and active rests. I managed to do two or three days of phase 3 feeling like I was dying (not in a good way) before my partner informed me that I would really benefit from going back and doing the cardio.

So now I’m in week 2 of phase 2 (Day 36) again and so far I haven’t missed a cardio day. If it wasn’t so hot I’d get out and run, but so far it’s been easier to just hop on a machine immediately after my lift.