New Blog and Finals

Welcome to the blog!

I have five finals this week. So of course, I decided that this was the best week to start my blog. It actually makes a little sense. Writing can definitely help you get out of your head, be a distraction, and also get some brain juices flowing.

I’m most stressed about my final tonight, for digital signal processing. After that, my other finals should be easy. (Well, easier)

The nice thing is that all my projects and presentations are already over with. I couldn’t imagine facing down finals this week with projects and papers due.

How I prepare for Finals

  • Get lots of sleep
    • This is very important, but I don’t think people really understand how much lack of sleep can affect test performance
  • Eat good food
    • This was a lot easier when I was still living at home and my parents were cooking. Now that I’m on my own for finals, I have to actively think about cooking and preparing, and it’s important not to get lazy about food around finals. Eating junk food is one of the biggest things that affect how my body feels.
  • Don’t procrastinate
    • I was blessed with being a good test taker, and this means that I usually procrastinate. However, now that I’m a senior, I have wizened up! Most of my classes allow 1 page of notes, so I take a lot of time to put that together and that usually counts as my study time.
  • Don’t stay up late
    • Instead, get up early! If it’s the night before and I still don’t feel prepared, instead of staying up and cramming until the wee hours, I will get up crazy early the day before instead. When I get up early, usually 3-4 hours before the exam (we’re talking like 4 or 5 AM crazy early), I will feel much more awake before my exam, retain more of my studied information, and typically do better.
  • Exercise
    • Exercise is one of the best ways to de-stress. I haven’t had much time to run lately, but I actually schedule it in during finals week. It’s a fantastic study break, gets blood flowing, and allows time for me to take a step back, process thoughts, and get some fresh air.